Monthly Archives: February 2013


Remember the good old childhood days when we used to play those ‘pretending to be adults game’ where we used to engage in all those activities like going to office, putting ourselves in the shoes of a homemaker and many others because all of us were somewhere tired of being children. We wanted to rush into adulthood and ‘enjoy’ the pleasures that adults are entitled to. Well, now I am an adult and I can just use the same old cliche to describe how it feels; ‘growing up is very different’. Time and again it has been overused but that is because every ounce of this statement is true.
Nostalgia has got nothing to do with my sentiments right now. Childhood is a beautiful stage in everyone’s life not only because it’s incorrupt, innocent and sublime but also because as children we are connected to a very big entity which most adults do not. It is certainly something to be happy about but sadly we don’t realise its worth until it’s long gone. We have nothing more to worry about than our untidy handwritings, food stain on our clothes or maybe how to steal those bourbon biscuits kept on the top shelf in the kitchen. It is blissful to see the vast all encompassing sky not just as sky but as a reflection of the ocean. It is elating to hear the birds talking to each other in a language different from ours and not just chirping in their strange voice. As children we perceive everything differently. This is because we are ‘connected’ to that big entity I had earlier spoken about called ‘Imagination’.
Dreams are not alien to us when we are kids but then why do we stop dreaming and most importantly imagining when we grow up. There is no proof of ‘Imagination’ leaving us or us bidding adieu to this associate of creativity. Then it’s perplexing to imagine what is the cause hindering our active involvement with our former ally and childhood friend, ‘Imagination’.
It is not any external agency but ‘us’ that precludes us from imagining. ‘Imagination’ is a part of every one of us; it’s inherent but we abandon and shut it inside once we grow up. It’s somewhere deep down buried inside us but it’s still there. It’s never too late to mend our relationship with our good, old friend, ‘Imagination’.
I can say all this very confidently because I have resumed my friendship with ‘Imagination’ by means of graphic designing. ‘Imagination’ is akin to untapped energy which when utilised to its fullest opens the door to many wonderful and enthralling discoveries. It is the discovery of our talent, potential, abilities and most importantly of ‘who we are’. Designing was a very sudden and unplanned calling in my life. But from the very beginning I had an inclination towards this aspect of communication. The beginning was a little tough but the journey till now has been really very amazing. I still have a long way to go but I am sure that I will weave magic with my comrade, ‘Imagination’ walking hand in hand with me in this journey; crossing every hurdle and covering every milestone.