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The prospect of giving makes me smile,

Sharing as a virtue should be rejoiced.

Why cave in and remain aloof?

When every minute you can contribute.


Contribution may be big or small,

But it certainly matters a lot.

The trail of happiness left behind,

Will surely suffice a million smiles.


Charity has taken a different name;

It is tainted by call for popularity and fame.

The genuine purpose of the act is lost,

When it takes care of a selfish cause.


Every kind act should be celebrated,

Without making any fuss or call for attention.

It doesn’t deserve any external appreciation,

To ascertain your worthwhile existence.


In this world of apathy and pretence,

A lot has been lost due to our ignorance.

There is still time before it’s too late,

To sow the seeds of redemption and change.




Couldn’t Take (circa. December 6th, 2009)

The Evolution of Eloquence

Couldn’t Take

Transcribed from the mind of: James Revels III

When I fall, I fall in his hand,

Born to crawl, all over this land,

Filled with oceans, filled with this sand,

Intended to heal, this dead man,

Swimming in this lake, made of fire,

Ruled by this most, demonic sire,

A country made of, thieves and liars,

Bound by chains grow, ever tighter,

Dirtied up, this most cleanest slate,

Ate the food, off this dirty plate,

After this crime, can’t contemplate,

Sins so ingrained, this God, couldn’t take.

(December 6, 2009)

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I fell under a dark spell,

The moment it looked at me.

It glistened like a calm ocean,

Shimmering under the moon assiduously.


It struck me not just as,

The vast expanse of crystal blue ocean,

But I started sinking in, and was drawn,

To its enigmatic beauty without hesitation.


Who could wonder, what lay under?

Its stillness was merely an illusion.

For it was the door to a soul,

That lived as she was told.


The treasure chest wasn’t easy to unlock;

Years of bottled up secrets and thoughts.

Even with the turbulence and despair within,

It hadn’t faded or lost its beauty.



My mind is clouded with something,

It doesn’t let me rest or think.

No matter I am sitting or standing,

I just can’t stop thinking.

It seems to whirl in my head,

Like the regular ticking of clock near my bed.

They are sometimes random or trivial,

Sometimes things that might cause trouble.

The buzzing inside never stops,

Like the constantly moving hands of a clock.

I sometimes feel that my head will burst,

Like an overheated cauldron

That has been constantly at work.

But such a thing never happens,

The never ending stream of thoughts,

Doesn’t stop but keeps flowing.

But what would happen?

If the mind doesn’t think;

With no thoughts as its inhabitants.

Will it give peace or result in a void?

With nothing to think about all your life.

What purpose an empty mind will have?

When it’s believed ‘I think therefore I am.’