I cling to you,

For peace.

I seek your company;

In the midst of all chaos,

Because you help me,

To be ME.

Your stillness calms me down.

Every second spent with you,

Brings me closer to-

What I need to do


What I have to be.

Some find your presence


Thinking you are there,

To cause disruption

And violence.

It is true indeed!

What they say,

Because you make them realise,

The real state.

You have access to,

Deepest corners of heart and soul.

You know what’s amiss,

You direct ME,

How to get it fixed.

You hold my hand;

Take me where I wish to be.

With closed eyes,

It’s all but a dream.

But you give ME,

The confidence

To make it my reality.

You give ME wings to fly-

You show me the path,

To fulfil my desires.

Desire to-

Truly live every day,

Spread happiness everywhere,

Learn how to care.

Only you understand ME.

You help ME to sit back

And analyse,

The choices of life.

It’s strange,

The way we communicate.

With nothing at all to speak,

With no words to say,

You are silent always.


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