I still remember the first time,

When I set my hungry eyes on you.

I swooned with delight and drooled,

The moment I got to taste you.

As I stood near the vendor’s cart,

Flooded with its assortment of goodies;

Oh! What a wonderful treat I thought,

And tempted my way to gluttony.

When the sinful smell tickled my nostrils,

And seeped inside my avaricious tummy,

I was stung by a pang of hunger,

Compelling it to grumble and mumble.

As far as my sight could go,

I could just see kebabs, tikkis and rolls.

How delighted my tummy and heart felt!

Only another food lover like me could tell.

There were the kebabs I was waiting for,

Marinated with spices in an aluminium bowl.

It lay wrapped in rich red paste,

That’s the secret that made it taste great.

The vendor grilled the kebabs on a coal stove,

And its red hot ember made it glow.

It slowly changed its colour from pink,

And this aggravated my carving for the same.

He then patted the chicken tikkis,

On a big, black tawa with hot oil.

The faint aroma lingering around,

Gave me a monstrous appetite.

Every passing minute spent,

In its wonderful preparation,

Made my craving for it

All the more intense.

At last I was served on a paper plate,

The tangri kebabs and chicken tikkis,

Sprinkled with white, alluring onion rings,

With a dash of green, refreshing mint chutney.

The soft, succulent meat melted in my mouth,

Making it taste more heavenly.

It was over in no time at all,

Even when I savoured its rich taste very slowly.



  1. its a delicious poem… loved the line ‘tempted my way to gluttony’…. nice…ur poem painted the picture of ur hunger very perfectly…. even just by reading.. my taste buds became hungry for kebabs….. naaaaaaaiiiiceeee!!!!

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