I sat by the window,

On an old comfortable chair.

I felt the soft, gentle breeze,

Caressing my calm face.

I was not alone,

For I had someone with me.

My companion was quiet,

Yet pleasant was its company.

I held a china plate,

Ornamented with specks of gold.

A simple thing turned into a treasure,

With fascinating decoration in proportionate measure.

In the centre sat the tempting delight,

Glazed with white, snowy foam;

Its lightness reminded me of clouds,

And how smoothly it flows.

A sweet purple coloured syrup,

Nothing less than pure velvet,

Spread gently over the white foam

And glistened its surface like gold.

The cheesecake looked so divine!

Food fit for Gods I thought.

I wasn’t one myself,

But lucky to enjoy it all the while.

The delicate foam all over,

Let the spoon in without any protest.

Scooping out gently a portion of the cheesecake,

And smothering itself without any detest.

A brilliant blend of interesting things;

White cloudy cream

Thick mulberry syrup

There was more to it than it seemed.

To my surprise I also found,

Small yummy chunks of mulberry;

It was hidden within and on finding it,

I felt like an explorer on a journey.

This is how I spent my afternoon,

Watching the birds sing some tune.

With a piece of cheesecake on my plate,

I felt no worries nor any care.



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