My mind is clouded with something,

It doesn’t let me rest or think.

No matter I am sitting or standing,

I just can’t stop thinking.

It seems to whirl in my head,

Like the regular ticking of clock near my bed.

They are sometimes random or trivial,

Sometimes things that might cause trouble.

The buzzing inside never stops,

Like the constantly moving hands of a clock.

I sometimes feel that my head will burst,

Like an overheated cauldron

That has been constantly at work.

But such a thing never happens,

The never ending stream of thoughts,

Doesn’t stop but keeps flowing.

But what would happen?

If the mind doesn’t think;

With no thoughts as its inhabitants.

Will it give peace or result in a void?

With nothing to think about all your life.

What purpose an empty mind will have?

When it’s believed ‘I think therefore I am.’


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