Monthly Archives: June 2013


An amusing event…

An everlasting memory…  

An indelible milestone…

Everything makes its way into our life with just a small step.

A small crawling step into mother’s arms.

A small baffled step on the first day to school.

A small happy step towards friendship.

A small loving step towards the favourite teacher.

A small proud step with the perfect report card.

A small rebellious step as a teenager.

A small shy step towards the first crush.

A small embracing step towards the elder sister after every fight.

A small ambiguous step on the first day of college.

A small defiant step on the first class that’s bunked.

A small carefree step inside the college cafe, eating samosa and sipping tea.

A small celebratory step on the eve of graduation.

A small tensed step while seeking job opportunities.

A small confident step into the interview room for the first time.

Many such small steps. But each imprinting a different story, to cherish and share.