Writer’s block is an inevitable dilemma for every individual who is associated with the creative field. It is difficult to remain creative throughout one’s pursuit of the exceptional or the inspirational. Even though it exists momentarily, it causes unease and restlessness.

Nine with its bevy of beautiful and iconic ladies is about a renowned Italian director, Guido Contini (Daniel Day Lewis) who is experiencing ‘writer’s block’. He is a fifty years old man who desires to be a child again so that he can get fresh ideas. He wants to escape from the humdrum of his busy and chaotic life. Throughout the movie, he complains of an ailment that never materialises in the form of any disease. During the course of the movie it is realised that the cause of his sleepless nights is nothing but stress and exhaustion.

Every stage of Guido’s life seems to be crafted by a woman. His life is not short of fame, wealth and fortune but is bereft of harmony and emotional stability. He finds himself torn between his wife Luisa (Marion Cotillard) and mistress Carla (Penelope Cruz).  Guido comes across as a funny, amusing and restless character. His relationship with every woman in the movie provides him a different insight and perspective.

With its rich cast of talented actors like Marion Cotillard (Luisa), Penelope Cruz (Carla), Judi Dench (Lilli), Nicole Kidman (Claudia), Kate Hudson (Stephanie), Fergie (Saraghina) and Sophia Loren (Mamma), Nine presents a disappointing Broadway musical drama before the audience. The musical theatrics eloquently expressing his relationship with every woman in the movie is one of its main highlights. All these ravishing women put up a brilliant act every time they break into a song. Guido, engulfed by ‘writer’s block’ tries to seek inspiration from them.

Among the women, it is Marion Cotillard (Luisa) and Penelope Cruz (Carla) who steal the show. Nicole Kidman (Claudia) as Guido’s muse has played her part with the usual aplomb. Fergie (Saraghina) as the fallen woman is pretty convincing. Sophia Loren as Guido’s mamma adds an old world charm to the movie while Judi (Lilli) sheds a positive and assuring light as his confidant.

The movie has nothing great to offer except the Broadway musical theatrics. The story unfolds at a moderate pace but follows a linear mode with no remarkable climax. It is a one-time watch that will leave you only with one feeling; never judge a movie by its cast.


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