He was sitting in the veranda on a bamboo recliner. Sipping a cup of green tea and perusing the newspaper; he seemed to be diligently observing his morning ritual. Meanwhile two sparrows flitted around the rose shrub, blossoming with velvet pink roses.

Even though his eyes were firmly going through every word in the newspaper, his mind was captured by something else. A flashback of memories that he always treasured, made him close his eyes and let out a soft moan. He shifted his gaze to the mango tree that stood tall with its wide branches and dark leaves. The mango tree bore the testimony of the bond of love and care between him and her that had strengthened with every passing year.

He walked to his room with heavy steps and stopped near his bed. His eyes rested on the neatly folded deep blue tie that lay beside a sleek business suit. He couldn’t resist running his hand over the satin tie when a teardrop fell on it, glittering like a pearl.

Just then she sauntered in with a plate of sandwiches and she faced him with a radiating smile. She said, “Dad tonight you have to wear the tie that I gifted you from my first salary.” “You’ve hardly worn it,” she complained.

He just smiled and said, “I was saving it for this special day. My princess is getting married today.”

She held out the sandwich for him and he took a big bite from it. Its rich and savoury taste was reminiscent of the time when his nine years old daughter had made mango sandwiches for the first time to surprise him on his birthday.


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