The novel Nefertiti offers a perceptive read to everyone who’s interested in unearthing past memories or mysteries.  It is engaging at many levels with its discourse covering familial, political, art and religious matters. Michelle Moran has done a splendid job in bringing to life, the legendary beauty Nefertiti through the pages of her breathtaking novel. She has meticulously weaved the story of one of Egypt’s most astounding Pharaoh and queen who defied traditional customs and beliefs to achieve glory and immortality.

 Nefertiti the epitome of beauty, ambition and power leaves no stone unturned in captivating the readers either with her charm or clever machinations. The cover of the novel itself has an enigmatic appeal with the image of a woman glancing sideways. The only unnerving thing about her besides her beauty is the glint of ambition and determination in her eyes. The green hue that’s covering the lower half of her body seems to signify the prosperity that she had hoped for Egypt during her reign.

The story unfolds through the eyes of her step sister Mutnodjmet. Daughter of a vizier, Nefertiti is married to the Prince of Egypt, Akhenaten at the tender age of fifteen. She is embraced by fame and fortune after her marriage. While basking in every majestic luxury, she soon becomes a favourite of the people of Egypt. Everybody including her husband is mesmerized with her celestial beauty. She takes the center stage in the state of affairs and at no point of time resigns to a secondary position as his wife. In fact she goes on to write a new history by becoming the co-regent of the Pharaoh of Egypt.

Akhenaten’s overreaching ambition stirs the tide of unrest, jeopardizing the life of Nefertiti’s family. There are instances in the novel when Nefertiti’s ambition makes you recoil with horror and disdain. The bond of love she shares with her sister Mutnodjmet also turns sour.

The novel is laced with instances of bloodbath, treachery, deceit and lust for power that turns the family members against each other. It traces the downfall of a Pharaoh who is blinded by insecurity and irrational fear of losing his throne to the military . Michelle Moran has ingeniously brought to surface the other aspect of otherwise luxurious courtly life.

It is a gripping novel that will keep you on your toes. It is an easy read for occasional as well as ardent readers. Michelle Moran has adopted a very simple style of writing that is descriptive at the right places, enhancing its appeal. The language isn’t clouded by hidden meanings and symbolism.

Bring this alluring beauty to your bookshelf; it will surely offer a good break from the usual chaotic suspense, drama and thriller books.


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