Space stories have always been fascinating. Be it a discovery show or any movie with astronauts exploring its infinite realm to find new answers or mysteries. Its vastness is awe inspiring and baffling.

Gravity takes the audience to a whole new level of experience by delving into the theme of survival and resilience. It isn’t about extraordinary astronauts on a mission to save earth from some impending catastrophe. Alfonso Cuarón has instead projected the real dangers lurking in space which in this case is caused by mankind.

Getting lost in an alien land without any source of help is terrifying in itself. But what happens when you get lost in space? You don’t end up floating to a new planet, study its ecosystem and return to earth to report about the discovery of new life forms.

A team of three astronauts are out in space collecting data when their satellite is struck by debris caused from a missile explosion. What follows is unimaginable devastation, loss as one of them dies and a sense of alienating fear. Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Lieutenant Matthew (George Clooney) are the only surviving members of this space expedition until Matthew decides to leave so that Stone could survive.

There are bone chilling moments in the movie that will leave you thinking and question the greatness of human beings. When Stone drifts from her team, she feels a creepy sense of fear. She looks nothing more than a small speck of dust in the hollow vastness of space. Its darkness and void can suck men of great genius, who have accomplished great feats, leaving behind nothing, not even a body.

Death is inevitable but the desire to be remembered supersedes every other feeling in man.

Without any second thoughts I can say that Gravity is brilliant in every sense. With an excellent star cast and amazing soundtrack, it is more than just a visual treat. George Clooney as Matthew is adorable and his humour is the only source of optimism even in the midst of destruction. Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone is tough with an indefatigable spirit to tell ‘one hell of a story’ as the sole survivor of the mission.

Gravity shouldn’t be missed at any cost. While watching it I felt like a child sitting in a planetarium with a marvellous story unfolding before me. This one hell of a movie should be watched only in 3D.


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