There’s something peculiar about it always.

Elusive like a firefly –

Glowing brightly for one moment,

Then easily put off with a sigh.

Most of the times it’s difficult to find,

And it will never let you relax.

Moving stealthily like a shadow,

Embracing you like discomfort;

You will never find it,

When you need it the most.

Because it hates to see you rest,

You go hunting for it,

In your mind, sitting and thinking.

With a trembling pen staring blankly at the paper,

You look around everywhere,

Contemplating that you might catch it in the wind.

But like a tough nut to crack,

As slippery as an eel,

An idea is difficult to hold on to,

So you can exclaim, “Oh boy! What a great catch.”



  1. I really love your writing and blog in general. You should take a look at the work on my blog I think it may be up your alley. let me know what you think and maybe follow if you like 🙂 thanks, I really appreciate it.

    1. Hello Lily, thank you for appreciating my work and enjoying my blog. It’s really great to hear such good things about my writing. I will definitely check out your blog. take care and keep writing. 😀

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