When the world rules you,

Making you feel like a pawn,

You never quit –

Hoping there will be break of a new dawn.

If you care what others think,

You’ll get claustrophobic and sink.

Down and down you’ll go,

Fall into a pit of self-doubt and feel low.

Once down, it’s difficult to rise,

To free yourself from the chains of distress;

That will foil every attempt,

To stand up again and protest.

You can’t change what people think,

Like a glass half full or half empty,

Refuse to give those views any authority.

And use your time more wisely.

If you let these vermin in,

They will kill you slowly from within.

What helps them to grow and multiply?

The steady fall in your confidence every time.

Make these rot at the very source;

With a beautiful smile like a roar –

So loud and so powerful,

Fill your soul with the echo of a hearty laughter.


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