There was something unusual about the morning. The chill in the air caressed me with warmth that only made me shudder with delight. As I drew the curtains, my eyes lit and rested on the red bricks covered with white uneven patches. The sky showered more of these fine, soft and small cotton balls through a sieve.

There was nothing more divine and blissful than what I had just witnessed. I had never experienced snowfall before. The view from my window was a mere glimpse of the divine beauty outside, waiting to be celebrated and appreciated.

I rushed to the terrace of the hotel where I was staying with my friends. To my wonder, I was greeted by thin sheets of ice covering the terrace floor. The vast expanse of this white canvas painted a picture of excitement and happiness. Forgetting all the proprieties that we acquire with age, I jumped on ice like a kid leaving behind impressions that are indelible and timeless.

The freezing and bitter cold winds contrary to their nature embraced me with such tenderness that I was extremely overjoyed at their gesture. If someone asks me what does ‘pristine’ look like, then this is it for me. Everything around me was covered with a beautiful white blanket of snow.

In the real world black dominates every aspect of life, from the air that we breathe to the emotions we evince for each other. But in this Wonderland, white became the order of the day. Just like a place far removed from reality, from the chaos and problems of everyday existence, this snowball became a haven for me. I inhaled this freshness with great gusto, hoping to flush out every unpleasant memory and feeling from my system.

As the snowflakes brushed softly against my face, I longed to be frozen in time. I wanted to be held as a captive to this moment, to be arrested willingly in a state of perpetual bliss.

Chilly greetings from the Wizard of Blizzard, Jack Frost ensured a perfect ending to the year 2013 (at least for me).



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