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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot – about the mysterious workings of destiny, elusive nature of luck, biasness of fate and much more. My head already feels heavy! I’ve pruned few things to talk about from this ever growing weed of thoughts.

To put it simply, life doesn’t always unfold the way we expect it to. We grow up believing many things and end up living different things.

These are few delusions to begin with:

  • It’s okay to fail – that’s what your boss will tell you. But when you do, it won’t be okay. Not with him. Try it at your risk.
  • Work-life balance has no practical application. It simply exists as a definition.
  • Wondering that degree from a reputed college will make top organizations come running to you? Be prepared to get your hands dirty when you go job hunting. Pop! Sorry to burst your bubble.
  • Dream job! If only earth had corners, I think we would have been able to find it. I am still looking for one.
  • Remember your mother, father, grandmother (add all your relatives to the list) telling you that ‘hard work always pays off’. Wait till you actually ‘work hard’ for that promotion.
  • 1,2,3… keep counting. Salary increases with the increase in work experience. If this was the case, then the world would have been a peaceful place. You wouldn’t see ‘Keep Calm’ posters floating around you.

If this has got you thinking, then just ‘Keep Calm and Drink Coffee’.



As a copywriter, my takeaway from advertising has been many. This industry has set a perfect example of how ideas can actually change things. Advertising certainly thrives on the power of ideas, but there are many ideas that don’t even see the light of the day. Sharing few ways I believe ideas die a slow death.

  • Overthinking – sometimes it’s perfectly alright to quit thinking. After all too much of anything is bad.
  • Lack of curiosity – when curiosity can kill the cat, then it can kill any doubts you have regarding the execution of the idea. Dig deep, deeper and deepest to learn brilliant ways to bring your ideas to life.
  • Low levels of enthusiasm – no matter how great or phenomenal the idea is, if you aren’t excited; it’s never going to happen.
  • Mr. Pessimistic pooper – the ‘high and mighty’ (read boss) who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to ridiculing everything you say or even think.
  • Mr. Doubtfire – clients are bitten by a ‘skeptical bug’ that makes their heart skip a beat every time they hear the word ‘different’.
  • Holding back- not sharing your ideas with anyone is the worst thing you can do. A simple thought can be transformed into a brilliant campaign, but only when it’s shared.

So, go on kill the fear to fail and find ways to nurture your creativity.


Here’s an article that I had written for WeAreHolidays, a travel portal that offers exciting tour and holiday packages. I have written a couple of more articles earlier and keep writing for them every now and then. But this one particularly got a good response on stumbleupon. It got 2600 hits within 24 hours. It was a very humbling experience and I’ve never got such a good response before.

The article features the top 10 places that a couple should visit before having a baby.

Enjoy reading this:


There was something unusual about the morning. The chill in the air caressed me with warmth that only made me shudder with delight. As I drew the curtains, my eyes lit and rested on the red bricks covered with white uneven patches. The sky showered more of these fine, soft and small cotton balls through a sieve.

There was nothing more divine and blissful than what I had just witnessed. I had never experienced snowfall before. The view from my window was a mere glimpse of the divine beauty outside, waiting to be celebrated and appreciated.

I rushed to the terrace of the hotel where I was staying with my friends. To my wonder, I was greeted by thin sheets of ice covering the terrace floor. The vast expanse of this white canvas painted a picture of excitement and happiness. Forgetting all the proprieties that we acquire with age, I jumped on ice like a kid leaving behind impressions that are indelible and timeless.

The freezing and bitter cold winds contrary to their nature embraced me with such tenderness that I was extremely overjoyed at their gesture. If someone asks me what does ‘pristine’ look like, then this is it for me. Everything around me was covered with a beautiful white blanket of snow.

In the real world black dominates every aspect of life, from the air that we breathe to the emotions we evince for each other. But in this Wonderland, white became the order of the day. Just like a place far removed from reality, from the chaos and problems of everyday existence, this snowball became a haven for me. I inhaled this freshness with great gusto, hoping to flush out every unpleasant memory and feeling from my system.

As the snowflakes brushed softly against my face, I longed to be frozen in time. I wanted to be held as a captive to this moment, to be arrested willingly in a state of perpetual bliss.

Chilly greetings from the Wizard of Blizzard, Jack Frost ensured a perfect ending to the year 2013 (at least for me).


I sat on a black chair with my head bent down and half closed eyes. My legs were perched on a footrest, and my left hand clasped my right one with a reassuring grip. I sat still on the chair with my tresses brushing against my cheeks on either side. I lost count of time from the moment I sat on that chair because I knew it would take a while.

My gaze could follow only one direction; down. A racy Bollywood number enveloped the room. It doused my anxiety or had a soothing effect on me, I can’t tell. There were momentary instructions of ‘neeche dekho’ and gentle nudging of my head with a finger from behind. This was followed by the sharp noise of metals clanking against each other.

After some time, the white floor seemed to be covered with a carpet of black and fluffy substance. I could feel the thing sliding down with every sharp snap; snap of a pair of scissors. The hands with the pair of scissors and the comb made a rush for every strand of hair jutting out inappropriately. It moved with dexterity to give my hair the perfect shape and length. The busy hands at work moved with a sense of calmness yet efficiency.

I am always particular about my hair but not today because I knew that something exciting awaited me. This time I would raise my head only to find a reflection of new ‘ME’. The more smoothly the hands worked, the faster my heart palpitated. I couldn’t prevent myself from clouding my imagination with my new look.

The justified long wait was finally over. After being snapped, tousled and brushed, I saw the reflection on the mirror with a gratified smile.  It was ‘ME’ but only with a pleasing difference.