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As a copywriter, my takeaway from advertising has been many. This industry has set a perfect example of how ideas can actually change things. Advertising certainly thrives on the power of ideas, but there are many ideas that don’t even see the light of the day. Sharing few ways I believe ideas die a slow death.

  • Overthinking – sometimes it’s perfectly alright to quit thinking. After all too much of anything is bad.
  • Lack of curiosity – when curiosity can kill the cat, then it can kill any doubts you have regarding the execution of the idea. Dig deep, deeper and deepest to learn brilliant ways to bring your ideas to life.
  • Low levels of enthusiasm – no matter how great or phenomenal the idea is, if you aren’t excited; it’s never going to happen.
  • Mr. Pessimistic pooper – the ‘high and mighty’ (read boss) who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to ridiculing everything you say or even think.
  • Mr. Doubtfire – clients are bitten by a ‘skeptical bug’ that makes their heart skip a beat every time they hear the word ‘different’.
  • Holding back- not sharing your ideas with anyone is the worst thing you can do. A simple thought can be transformed into a brilliant campaign, but only when it’s shared.

So, go on kill the fear to fail and find ways to nurture your creativity.



There’s something peculiar about it always.

Elusive like a firefly –

Glowing brightly for one moment,

Then easily put off with a sigh.

Most of the times it’s difficult to find,

And it will never let you relax.

Moving stealthily like a shadow,

Embracing you like discomfort;

You will never find it,

When you need it the most.

Because it hates to see you rest,

You go hunting for it,

In your mind, sitting and thinking.

With a trembling pen staring blankly at the paper,

You look around everywhere,

Contemplating that you might catch it in the wind.

But like a tough nut to crack,

As slippery as an eel,

An idea is difficult to hold on to,

So you can exclaim, “Oh boy! What a great catch.”