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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot – about the mysterious workings of destiny, elusive nature of luck, biasness of fate and much more. My head already feels heavy! I’ve pruned few things to talk about from this ever growing weed of thoughts.

To put it simply, life doesn’t always unfold the way we expect it to. We grow up believing many things and end up living different things.

These are few delusions to begin with:

  • It’s okay to fail – that’s what your boss will tell you. But when you do, it won’t be okay. Not with him. Try it at your risk.
  • Work-life balance has no practical application. It simply exists as a definition.
  • Wondering that degree from a reputed college will make top organizations come running to you? Be prepared to get your hands dirty when you go job hunting. Pop! Sorry to burst your bubble.
  • Dream job! If only earth had corners, I think we would have been able to find it. I am still looking for one.
  • Remember your mother, father, grandmother (add all your relatives to the list) telling you that ‘hard work always pays off’. Wait till you actually ‘work hard’ for that promotion.
  • 1,2,3… keep counting. Salary increases with the increase in work experience. If this was the case, then the world would have been a peaceful place. You wouldn’t see ‘Keep Calm’ posters floating around you.

If this has got you thinking, then just ‘Keep Calm and Drink Coffee’.



With longing eyes,

I look deep within ­­­­­­­­-

Sifting the dark layers,

Clouding my memory –

Of who I am –

And what I wanted to be.


My mind is clouded with something,

It doesn’t let me rest or think.

No matter I am sitting or standing,

I just can’t stop thinking.

It seems to whirl in my head,

Like the regular ticking of clock near my bed.

They are sometimes random or trivial,

Sometimes things that might cause trouble.

The buzzing inside never stops,

Like the constantly moving hands of a clock.

I sometimes feel that my head will burst,

Like an overheated cauldron

That has been constantly at work.

But such a thing never happens,

The never ending stream of thoughts,

Doesn’t stop but keeps flowing.

But what would happen?

If the mind doesn’t think;

With no thoughts as its inhabitants.

Will it give peace or result in a void?

With nothing to think about all your life.

What purpose an empty mind will have?

When it’s believed ‘I think therefore I am.’