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Sexuality has always been a controversial and a highly debated issue – occupying centre stage as a coffee house discussion or a social concern.  One is all the more befuddled by the mere thought of a sexual identity crisis.

Teena Brandon (Hilary Swank) is anatomically a girl, but feels like a boy – trapped inside a body that increases her feeling of discomfort. The social mores do not condone such behaviour. People entertaining such ideas are not only seen as jeopardy to the very fabric of the society, but are also subjected to cruel punishment.

On finding about Teena’s true identity, she is raped and assaulted by her male acquaintances. However, her girlfriend Lana (Chloe Sevigny) stays beside her even after discovering the truth about Teena.

True empowerment comes for Teena not when she’s perfectly able to disguise herself as a guy. But when she’s able to form and establish a successful relationship with Lana – who accepts Teena the way she is. But sadly things come to a brutal end. Order is restored through bloodshed and sacrifice. Teena is shot dead by John and Tom who refuse to accept her as a transgender.

Kimberly Peirce has very intricately woven the themes of courage, identity, freedom and empowerment in ‘Boys Don’t Cry’. After watching Jared Leto in Dallas Buyers Club, I sternly believed that nobody could play a transgender to such perfection. But not until I watched Hilary play Brandon with such finesse. She’s so convincing that for once you don’t want to believe that she’s a girl. Her performance is stellar. Chloe as Teena’s girlfriend also puts up a good show. I like the way the relationship between the two develops and strengthens – like any other boy-girl relationship.

The movie is subversive to the popular notions of sexuality. It is relevant even today – especially in a country like India where same sex marriage is a criminal offence. Unfortunately even in the 21st century, Teena’s fate is shared by many where they are seen as a threat by the society.



She sat in the tranquility of her cheerful garden, feeling the freshness surrounding her. The sun was shining brightly overhead but lent warmth that is sometimes missing even in the company of loved ones. The heat wasn’t scorching at all unlike some relationships that torch your existence with its bitterness, leaving you scarred for life.

Her face lit up with the sun. But it glowed with a difference. It was akin to a canvas splashed with colours of distress and pain. Red, black and brown marks decorated her face.

The sun gleamed like hope. She desperately wanted to hold on to it. But darkness was looming around, the animal waiting to prey on her. She knew that as soon as the sun would set, the devil in him would be let loose to destroy her.


When the world rules you,

Making you feel like a pawn,

You never quit –

Hoping there will be break of a new dawn.

If you care what others think,

You’ll get claustrophobic and sink.

Down and down you’ll go,

Fall into a pit of self-doubt and feel low.

Once down, it’s difficult to rise,

To free yourself from the chains of distress;

That will foil every attempt,

To stand up again and protest.

You can’t change what people think,

Like a glass half full or half empty,

Refuse to give those views any authority.

And use your time more wisely.

If you let these vermin in,

They will kill you slowly from within.

What helps them to grow and multiply?

The steady fall in your confidence every time.

Make these rot at the very source;

With a beautiful smile like a roar –

So loud and so powerful,

Fill your soul with the echo of a hearty laughter.


The prospect of giving makes me smile,

Sharing as a virtue should be rejoiced.

Why cave in and remain aloof?

When every minute you can contribute.


Contribution may be big or small,

But it certainly matters a lot.

The trail of happiness left behind,

Will surely suffice a million smiles.


Charity has taken a different name;

It is tainted by call for popularity and fame.

The genuine purpose of the act is lost,

When it takes care of a selfish cause.


Every kind act should be celebrated,

Without making any fuss or call for attention.

It doesn’t deserve any external appreciation,

To ascertain your worthwhile existence.


In this world of apathy and pretence,

A lot has been lost due to our ignorance.

There is still time before it’s too late,

To sow the seeds of redemption and change.